Definitive Technology BP9080X Bipolar Tower Loudspeaker | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Definitive Technology BP9080X Bipolar Tower Loudspeaker | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

We’re excited to be talking about Definitive Technology’s flagship floorstanding speaker, the BP9080X Bipolar Tower Loudspeaker. It really is the ultimate all in one immersive cinema loudspeaker.

The BP9080X houses more than your typical speaker would. With a built-in powered subwoofer, and a built-in 3D height module, you’ll be able to experience uncompromised home cinema with powerful lows, smooth and detailed midrange, and clear extended highs with fully integrated Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround Sound. The entire speaker itself has a very sleek and modern design and comes very well constructed.

This makes for not just an impressive speaker perfect for any type of entertainment. It provides a stunning depth of field and a very realistic 3D soundstage

One of the things that the BP9080X boasts to produce this soundstage is a unique design. Definitive Technology’s patented Forward Focused Bipolar Array or FFBA is a unique layout of drivers.

The BP9080x array incorporates three 5.25” midrange drivers, two front-facing and one rear-facing along with two 1” aluminum dome tweeters, one located at the front and one rear-facing. By simultaneously firing both forward and backward, a naturalistic delay is added to the sound that creates a sense of immense depth in rooms of any size. Now as simple as it sounds, this slight manufactured delay does add a lot to the listening experience from our testing, almost creating a larger soundstage than what we typically see from floor standing speakers this size.

The BP9080X includes a built-in powered 12” subwoofer, which results in more consistent bass throughout your room while eliminating the need to invest in a standalone subwoofer. Coupled with the BP9080x’s dual passive bass radiators—which dramatically increase the speaker’s bass-producing surface area—you’ll feel the deep low end below the range of human hearing—all the way down to 18Hz.

Intelligent Bass Control, a Definitive Technology exclusive will also be available on the rear of the spark. This enables you to experience powerful deep bass performance from the BP9080x without sacrificing optimal midrange clarity. Intelligent Bass Control achieves this by utilizing 56-bit digital signal processing to allow boosting of the bottom two octaves of your signal without altering the bass-to-midbass blending and crossover point. Combined with BP9080X’s resonance-free cabinets, Intelligent Bass Control ensures that your chosen bass level will never get in the way of dialogue or any other aspect of the soundtrack.

Now one thing to note here is that with the BP9080X you will actually be connecting the subwoofer component to the pre out and not the sub out. This way you still have the option of adding one or two subs to your setup.

In addition to the array design all the mid/bass woofers in the BP9080x feature Definitive Technology’s innovative Balanced Double Surround System™ (BDSS) technology which improves driver excursion. BDSS results in a wider, more uniform midrange soundstage throughout your listening environment and also enables the BP9080x’s drivers to play lower and blend better with its built-in subwoofer. Which gives you a more consistent soundstage and detailed mids and lows.

The BP9080X still has more to offer though! They also come prepped with a height speaker module built in, enabling you to take full advantage of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D audio. When you integrate the dramatic vertical dimension they provide with the stunning depth of field, wide soundstage, and deep bass impact offered by the Forward Focused Bipolar Array, Balanced Double Surround System drivers, and integrated powered subwoofers, you’ll enjoy games, music, and film with a full level of 3D sound immersion unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

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