Delphox BEST Build Guide *Full Guide* - Pokémon Unite

Delphox is probably my favorite release in LONG time. Vid is sponsored by Mana! Get on the waitlist here - * Delphox has one of the best Unite Moves in the game and that is one of the reasons to pick it but there are so many cool things going on with Delphox. Enjoy this Delphox best build guide with held item choices, battle items, and move sets. Yeehaw! Become a member today!:

0:00 - Intro that won an award
0:18 - Critical Hits Explained
1:31 - Mana Sponsor Segment
2:49 - Moves & Hidden Mechanics Breakdown
16:30 - Best Held Items
20:04 - Match 1 Best Items
25:40 Question Of The Day
25:54 Match 2 STACKING

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