Demonstration of stereo tube amplifier setup (stereo 6AV5)

Here I demonstrate my current stereo tube amplifier setup, which I happen to have build myself. The power amplifier on top of the furniture is driven by a stereo tube preamplifier (one shelf lower, with the two knobs and power switch at the front) to control volume and select input.
The power amplifier is modular, and therefore split up in three separate sections. The power supply is at the left, the output transformers are at the rear right and the amplifier module itself is at the right front. This is done so it is cheaper and easier to try out different amplifier designs using some of the same modules, for instance using the same output transformers and power supply and a different amplifier.
Music by C.I.M.
track: Nissan
album: Do Not Multiply Models

Thank you for watching!
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