Demos in the Dark // Acorn Amplifiers TMA-1 // Fuzz Pedal Demo

I finally get to try out a fuzz pedal from Acorn Amps! The Acorn Amps TMA-1 fuzz is a four stage transistor fuzz featuring a series of selectable diode clipping options. This allows for a vast array of shapable fuzz sounds.

Acorn TMA-1: http://www.acornamps.com

Other Gear Used:
Seuf Guitars OH-10: http://bit.ly/SEUFGUITARS
Fidelity Guitars Stellarosa Lite II: https://bit.ly/FIDELITYGUITARS
Grez Guitars Mendocino: https://bit.ly/GREZGUITARS
Benson Amps Monarch Reverb: http://bit.ly/BENSONAMPS
Vox AC30 HW (on mix)
1979 Fender Mustang

0:00 Intro
1:07 In the Mix
3:44 TMA-1 Basics
5:52 Clipping Options (clean amp)
8:20 Overdriven Amp
9:39 Closing Thoughts

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