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Pasadena Rose is Henry Amps take on two different Marshall circuits, the Plexi and the 1978 Brown Sound of the Sunset Strip. The quality of these amps and craftsmanship always blows me away. This one in particular, knocked my socks off!

Henry Amplification Pasadena Rose: https://bit.ly/henryamps

- Vol I is a true Plexi stage, with full range of tones from warm, detailed cleans, to raucous natural overdrive. Pull Bright for extra shimmer with humbuckers or neck pickups.
- Cascade Vol I into Vol II via front panel toggle or footswitch (included)
- Vol II picks things up from the 1978 Brown Sound explosion through the next decade of Sunset Strip decadence and beyond. Balancing the Vol I and Vol II controls yields a wide array of overdriven tones for the most discerning player.
- Classic cathode-driven Treble, Middle, and Bass equaliser, with additional Presence and Resonance controls on rear panel to shape power amp response.
- Unique “Jose”-style Master Volume with Pull Saturation circuit to achieve authentic overdrive tones at bedroom levels, or push things to the hilt at full power. This can be applied to either mode for unique combinations, no attenuator necessary.
- Rear panel Effects Loop ready for your favorite reverbs, delays, and sound toys of all sorts.
- 50 watts RMS power, 2x EL34 power tubes, 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes

Other Tools:
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0:00 Intro
1:11 Specs
3:21 In the Mix
5:33 Clean Plexi
6:57 Classic Plexi
8:28 Brown Sound Crunch
11:36 Closing Thoughts

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