Demos in the Dark // Milkman Sound 85 Watt Pedal Steel // Guitar Amp Demo

Sometimes amplifiers find another purpose in life, like the Fender Bassman being used on guitar. The same goes for this pedal steel amplifier from Milkman Sound. Yes, it makes a killer pedal steel amp, but if you are limited to six strings, there is plenty there for you as well. Milkman is a hand wired boutique amplifier builder in San Francisco, California.

Milkman Sound Pedal Steel: https://bit.ly/milkmansound

Other Tools:
Seuf Guitars OH-20: http://bit.ly/SEUFGUITARS
Yamaha Guitars - SA2200: http://bit.ly/rs820cr
Grez Guitars Mendocino: https://bit.ly/GREZGUITARS
Walsh Guitars Yadah: https://bit.ly/WALSHGUITARS
Abernethy Guitars Sonic Empress: https://bit.ly/ABERNETHY

0:00 Intro
1:05 Specs
2:00 In the Mix
4:12 Clean and Scooped
6:12 Clean and Thick
7:40 Overdrive Pedals
9:11 Time Based Pedals
10:05 Closing Thoughts

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