Demos in the Dark // Thorpy FX Boneyard // Guitar Pedal Demo

Tonight we are checking out the Thorpy FX Boneyard Tone Bender, which is the ultimate Tone Bender. Within this pedal, you can choose from any of the existing Tone Bender circuits and even make your own!

Thorpy Boneyard:

Other Tools:
Seuf Guitars OH-19 & OH-20:
Abernethy Guitars Sonic Empress:
Island Instruments Forty-Four:
Silktone Amp:

0:00 Intro
1:47 In the Mix
3:57 Controls
5:30 Tone Bender MKI
6:33 Tone Bender MKI.V
7:19 Vox Tone Bender
8:26 Tone Bender MKII
9:03 Tone Bender MKIII
9:57 Tone Bender MKIV
10:50 Closing Thoughts

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