Denon AVR to PC [NVIDIA] to Samsung QN90A - HDMI Setup eARC - NO SOURCE /Black Screen

How I solved a No Source / Black Screen /Check Source after connecting HDMI eARC cables.
With a PC using an NVIDIA graphics card (RTX2060), Denon AVR X2700H and a Samsung 55" OLED QN90A I was unsuccessful with HDMI eArc connections. I was receiving No Input/Check Source /Black Screen on the Sammy.
Here's the step by step, no frills, no music straight away video on how I solved this issue. This was my goal however but also to achieve 192k x 24Bit audio which is also included in these instructions. The HDMI cables I used were bought from Cable Matters. It was a 3 pack of 10foot HDMI cables that were eARC compatible, 48gig transfer speed, etc. They were $29.92 (June 2022) not $20 as I state in the video. Just search this model number on Amazon for an exact match: 300029-3mx3-E
At the end of this tutorial I illustrate the 192k x 24bit sampling rate for your audio via Foobar and Windows Sound. Hope this helps you solve your HDMI eARC connection issues with a Denon AVR series, Samsung QN series and NVIDIA RTX series graphics card.
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