Design Build 7 Foot Polished Stainless Tube Speaker

Come join me for a build of a 7 foot long stainless steel tube speaker with 7 Audix om7 mic capsules used for the tweeters.

Test music:

Huge thank you to J.T. O’Neal and Riarosa for the music!

Band : Riarosa
Song: Better Than Nothing
Produced by: J.T. O’Neal
Mixed by : Brian Edwards
Mastered: Voyager Mastering

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 3D Drawing in Solidworks
01:00 Formlabs SLA Printing
01:49 Sand and polish 3D prints
02:10 Polish the Stainless Tube
02:20 Woodwork
04:04 Painting
04:33 Test and Design Crossover
05:02 Build Crossover
05:19 Prep and Mount Mic Tweeters
06:13 Assemble
07:27 Hang Speaker
08:00 Test
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