Desk of Ladyada - Toy Hacking Fun! … and a Mono I2S Audio Amplifier

Here at the Desk of Ladyada, when the baby sleeps, the parents will hack their toys (in a good way). We want to try replacing the innards of some popular electronic toys to play music that we would enjoy listening to! We got one 'tunes player' and took it apart to see what is entailed in giving this board and upgrade & chat about the next steps!

The Great Search - Mono I2S Audio Amplifier

On this week's Great Search we're on the lookout for monophonic I2S amplifiers that we can use for our toy hacking project. Traditionally we've gone with the MAX98357 (https://www.digikey.com/short/cvn3052m) which is a rock-solid I2S Class D amplifier that we have used in boards and breakouts for many years. Is there any other options we should consider? Let's take a look at Digi-Key for some possible options that we'll try out!

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