determining Plate Dissapation (in Watts) in my class A 6V6 amp.

In this video I show how I check the bias on my single ended amps which use Cathode biasing. I learned this method from fellow YouTubers Doug and Rusty and their excellent site.

Something that ought to be mentioned is that I have not added the second node to this power supply to give proper voltage to the screen on pin 4. Currently that pin is tied to the Anode on pin 3 through a small value resistor, so the tube is in triode mode outputting only a couple watts max, despite Plate Dissapation.

Don't forget, in your designs to check your measured voltages and currents against your tube datasheet max and nominal values. Every tube is different but many people recommend staying within 60% spec'd P.D. wattage for longer tube life. Some guitarists like to run them hot and don't mind buying new tubes.
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