DGN Guitar News #9 New Jim Root Signature Guitar?! Eric Gales Goes Toe To Toe With Bonamassa & More!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Dagan's Guitar News! A show where we talk through and touch upon the most talked about music news and releases of the past week! - Also check out how YOU can be a part of next weeks episode of DGN!

In this weeks instalment - Mr Bluespower himself, Jared James Nichols ends up in the doctors office - Epiphone relaunch B.B. Kings signature Lucille - Jim Root from Slipknot teases new signature guitar from Charvel - PMT have some amazing deals on right now and how you can get involved - Eric Gales releases new single where he goes head to head with Joe Bonamassa in an actual boxing ring - REVV launch new G8 noise gate - And finally rounding this weeks episode off with UK guitarist James Ford!

Find all the product links and links Dagan mentions in this weeks episode below the timestamps.

0:00 Intro & What Coming Up!
1:07 Jared James Nichols Breaks Right Arm After A Show!
2:42 Epiphone Relaunch The B.B. King Lucille
5:45 Jim Root Teases New Signature Guitar From Charvel
8:39 PMT's 24 Month, Interest Free, 0% Deposit Finance On Taylor Guitars
9:53 Get Early Access To PMT's Black Friday Deals HERE
10:44 Eric Gales Releases New Single 'I Want My Crown' With EPIC Music Video
13:28 REVV Launch New G8 Noise Gate Pedal
15:44 UK Guitar Player James Ford
17:18 Final Thoughts & Outro

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Find all the products/links Dagan mentions at PMT Online below:

Jared James Nichols Signature Epiphone Guitar - https://bit.ly/3Gb0Fbn
Jim Root Signature Fender Jazzmaster - https://bit.ly/2XDYGuH
Jim Root Signature Fender Telecaster - https://bit.ly/3m6gp7m
Epiphone B.B. King Lucille - https://bit.ly/2XGVQVM
ALL Taylor Acoustic Guitars! - https://bit.ly/3pvfjnS
Early Access to PMT's Black Friday Exclusive Deals Sign Up Link - https://bit.ly/3b8nAFC
Eric Galex MXR Raw Dawg OD - https://bit.ly/3GaU7cC
REVV G8 Noise Gate - https://bit.ly/3m8OXWK

Dagans Epiphone Lucille Demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tilo3f1xHyI&t=113s

Eric Gales - 'I Want My Crown' Music Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjtosbQC4_g
Pre-Order Eric Gales 'Crown' Album here - https://smarturl.it/Eric-Gales-MLG

Follow James Ford on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/james4ord

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