Diezel VH Micro, Strabdberg Boden NX, The Darkness, Mad Max Guitar Rig - CatPick Fridays EP 31

In this week's CatPick Fridays episode Rich and Vlad discuss the Diezel VH Micro Rich has recently demoed, Warwick vs Gibson Lawsuit, Strandberg Boden NX series, the unfortunately named Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb, the Mad Max Fury Road Doog Wagor auction and dive into one of our favourite albums, which is Permission To Land by The Darkness.

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Rich. Words. Music:

Diezel VH Micro

Warwick vs Gibson Lawsuit

Strandberg Boden NX

Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb

Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon Auction

The Darkness - Live at the Astoria

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00:00 Intro
03:25 Diezel VH Micro
14:48 Warwick vs Gibson Flying V battle
18:25 Strandberg Boden NX
26:43 Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb
32:33 Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon Auction
40:27 Albums Of Our Lives
59:52 The Darkness - Live at the Astoria


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Well hello there! I'm Vladimir Halinen, founder of CatPick Studios.
Music has always been my greatest passion, but it took over 20 years to figure out what I love about it the most: writing and recording my own music.

I started the CatPick Studios YouTube channel in 2017 because I loved everything guitar and wanted to share my passion with others. While I don't feel I'm anywhere close to the end of my journey it's already been an amazing ride: meeting amazing people, travelling to new countries, breaking world records in the largest band in the world and so on...

Somewhere along the way I also found home recording and realised I could create all the music I wanted right from my home studio. I loved the idea of being able to create professional sounding records right from my spare bedroom and have never looked back.

At the same time, I feel I have also found my calling to share what I've learned through my own countless trial and error. If anything I say or do can help you find your passion in recording and songwriting, then my job is complete.

Long term, I want to build a community of songwriters who support each other and help each other grow.

Thanks for being part of the journey!

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