Digital Marketing Q&A - Hump Day Hangouts - Episode 368

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0:00 Intro and announcements

09:38 I am wanting to build out some autoblogs to publish local news with rss masher. As part of the seo process I am going to setup branded profiles and possibly a gsite. Wondering if its possible to also grab a gmb and citations? Would this be a recipe for disaster or something you would recommend.

16:45 What other properties would you recommend for link building aside from the gsite, id page and syndication rings. In the past sent some link packages to certain sites but the profiles seemed to fall off search results.

27:06 I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that Google's algorithm can now determine "exactly" what your web page is about just from the content, and rank it accordingly, so, if you're building a multi-city local service lead gen site, which of these 3 page structures is more advantageous for SEO purposes . . . (1) create a separate page for each targeted keyword for each city location, that is to say 20 keywords and 10 cities would equal 200 pages, (2) create a separate keyword optimized page for each different service category offered by that type of business for each specific geo location, that is to say 5 service categories and 10 cities would equal 50 pages, or (3) create one geo location page for each city, 10 city pages total, each with content that is optimized for all of the targeted services and keywords and Google will know to rank each city page for all of the keywords?

34:03 Is there any legal copyright issues with using such content on moneysites. I would run it through a rephrasing tool first and some additional content before publishing. If safe for moneysites what kind of content are you using it for?

37:29 In the Black Friday training you discuss using a "long form article per silo" as an alternative to the "multiple posts per silo" approach wherein the series of posts trickled out over time also served to demonstrate activity on the site and on the GMB/GBP. It's fairly straightforward to make further standalone KW relevant posts over time. With the long form article per silo how do you demonstrate ongoing activity? Do you create a new H2 title and another block of text to tack on the end of the long form article? If so, does the Google bot/indexer pick that up as activity in the same way as it would for a standalone post?

41:00 is there a way to avoid wasting too much link equity on the Home page?

44:49 What strategy do you recommend to promote audios on Soundcloud?

46:12 Can we send GSA and spam backlinks to ID Page, Google Properties, GMB Map Link, and GMB Properties?
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