Divoom Ditoo Plus Pixel Art Speaker

Available at Sparky Direct - Electrical Online Wholesaler

Fun Gadget to Kill Boredom at home: Easy to create pixel art design at your fingertip or you can access over 1000+ designers in our free pixel art community from our Divoom app. You can chat, comment, and make friends with other artists

Access the online pixel art gallery and community through the accompanying APP. You can easily share and find your favorite pixel art animations or interact with other community members around the world.

Bluetooth Speaker with DIY equalizer: Well tuned 10W DSP speaker and your pixel art design will play and dance to the equalizer. Isn’t it fun and cool?

Best Nintendo Gaming Accessory: The front DIY LED front panel is your outlet for your creation. Create characters like Mario, Spider-Man, Animal Crossing, emoji face.... the only limit is your imagination

Smart Alarm/Clock for a night of good sleep: You can leave it plugged in to use as a table clock or bedside alarm. Build-in white noise on the free app keeps you working/sleeping well. It also got social media notifications, thermometer and weather conditions features.

Perfect Gift idea for your love: Nice Gift package & personalized greetings works great for a birthday/graduation gift as well as other seasonal holiday events. A special Ditoo for your special one

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