DIY 7.2.2 Dolby ATMOS 120” 4K Home Theater Tour & Build Details

If you are interested in putting together your own Home Theater, I hope to share with you lot’s of details that will help you in your journey. This video goes through the build details, components, speakers, projector etc. for a Dolby ATMOS 7.2.2 Theater. It should give you lots of insight, and improvements from what I did, to help you with your Home Theater.
Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions. Will be happy to share the little that I know.

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Front Tower Speaker (RP-5000):
Rear/Surround Bipolar Speaker (RP-402S):
ATMOS Hight Speaker (Micca M-8C):
Subwoofer (R-120SW):

Projector Epson 5040UB:
Projector Epson 5050UB:
Projector Mount:
Acoustically Transparent Projector Screen:

Denon 9.2 Receiver:
Onkyo 9.2 Receiver:
Yamaha 7.1 Receiver:
Apple TV 4K:
Speaker Selector:

Speaker Wire:
CAT6a Cable:
HDMI Cable 1:
HDMI Cable 2:
Subwoofer Cables:
Banana Plugs:

Blackout Curtains:
Smart Switch (Kasa HS220):
Teater Seating:
Sams Club Theater Seats:

Video Key:
Build Details
Screen Area
Projector & Screen
AV Equipment
Final Thoughts
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