DIY Active Home Theater Subwoofer - GRS 12SW-4 and Bash 300S Plate Amplifier

A custom made PVC pipe ported subwoofer enclosure to house a GRS 12SW-4 12 inch 4 Ohm poly cone subwoofer and to be powered by a Bash 300S 300w RMS digital subwoofer plate amplifier. Previous plate amplifier, O Audio, who manufactures the similar amplifier and also sold them on Parts Express as well. So don't be confused about Bash and O Audio subwoofer plate amplifiers.

A customer sent me the two main components. Tested the plate amplifier and seems only to output about 210w RMS, expecting to have a 300w RMS as it was advertised. But not bad. Since the GRS replacement subwoofer is only rated to accept about a 150w RMS musical power. Also extracted the T/S parameters of the GRS 12SW-4 12" subwoofer. Data is now archived and let me know if you need them.

And as usual if you need the enclosure dimension, just click this link - https://www.tinkercad.com/things/afPRlwCNZGJ You need to create an account and login to TinkerCad before you can copy, edit and see the dimensions of the 3D schematic.

I flush mounted the subwoofer and installed rubber footing at the bottom of the box. Plate amplifier also seats on a routed MDF flush mount at the back as well for a cleaner and more professional look and feel.

If you are fond watching previous videos about me using T-nuts and machine head bolts, this time I used drywall screws to attach the woofer and Allen head wood screws on the plate amplifier. That is because my time is so limited as well as the customer's budget.

I used a roundover router bit to give the box edges a smooth finish. And pre-painted the enclosure a generous amount of lacquer sanding sealer to seal the MDF pores in order for a very smooth paint job later.

Wanting to achieve a piano-smooth wet sanded finish so I tried to bring the box to a nearby automotive body and paint shop to do the task. I don't know what you think how the project turn out so please let me know what you think by commenting down in the comment section.

Also, please consider subscribing to my channel if you want to see and hear the bass test video next week. I'll be testing the active subwoofer with bass-heavy movie trailers and music. So see you all in the next video!
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