DIY Compact 10" 2-Way PA Speakers [1000W Peak Power!]

Free build plans and more info - https://bit.ly/38ZrCCz
✅ Celestion TF1020 10" speaker: https://celestion.com/product/tf1020/
Parts Express - https://bit.ly/3921VRK
Amazon - https://amzn.to/3FrSTd4
✅ Celestion CDX1-1445 compression driver: https://celestion.com/product/cdx1-1445/
Parts Express - https://bit.ly/3wfNe5J
✅ Celestion H1-7050 1" Exponential Horn: https://celestion.com/product/h1-7050-nobell/
Parts Express - https://bit.ly/394943Z
✅ 2-3/4" (70mm) port:
Parts Express - https://bit.ly/3P6dnww

✅ Crossover parts (US / EU):
10 Ohm 20 Watt resistor - https://bit.ly/3vUld4C / https://bit.ly/3L61gwe
2.5mH inductor - https://bit.ly/3kQQI9r / https://bit.ly/3NqtNOH
0.39mH inductor - https://bit.ly/38eLvFB / https://bit.ly/3l2YrBj
10uF 250V capacitor - https://bit.ly/3LQ0eFH / https://bit.ly/3svo0iE
3.3uF 250V capacitor - https://bit.ly/3872dac / https://bit.ly/3l0HSGa
2.2uF 250V capacitor - https://bit.ly/3LYrOkf / https://bit.ly/3wl8Eyg
15uF 250V capacitor - https://bit.ly/3P5sy8W / https://bit.ly/39jIqoc

✅ Amplifier used for sound test (US / EU):
https://bit.ly/3kR5f4P / https://bit.ly/3ywJpvt

Other parts:
Texture coating - https://bit.ly/3vXspNe
Speaker tripod - https://bit.ly/3P7Fjju, https://bit.ly/3wecVUj
Speaker mounting flange - https://bit.ly/3LZItDM, https://bit.ly/3whPut2
Speaker terminal cups - https://bit.ly/3L8Gf45, https://bit.ly/3Fpfebj
Speakon socket - https://bit.ly/3LQ0DId, https://bit.ly/3kSx8cN
Spade connectors - https://bit.ly/3FuGHIt, https://bit.ly/3smOX86
Plastic handle - https://bit.ly/3sh8reg, https://bit.ly/3MWBDz9
M6 T-nuts (x24) - https://bit.ly/3PizsIn
M6x20 bolts (x24) - https://bit.ly/38bBQ2J
Foam gasket tape - https://bit.ly/3Nh8HSP, https://bit.ly/2SRV1nM

TS100 soldering iron - https://bit.ly/3kndDam
Cordless drill - https://bit.ly/2UiMSbL
Drill bit set - https://bit.ly/3kgSG0V
Center punch - https://bit.ly/2FWc3xu
Wire stripper - https://bit.ly/34kBgLn
Step drill bits - https://bit.ly/3eM5GtB
Jig saw - https://bit.ly/35msihg
Orbital sander - https://bit.ly/2Uncq7z
Wood router - https://bit.ly/2ZWW4FC
Router circle jig - https://bit.ly/3kuz36u
Flush trim bit - https://bit.ly/3gtka4b
Forstner bits - https://bit.ly/35snpjW
Solder - https://bit.ly/3BautTf
Flux - https://bit.ly/33eXs5I
Helping hand - https://bit.ly/3B9mIgt

Hi there!
In this video I am building a pair of compact 10" 2-way PA speakers using Celestion speaker drivers. This is a highly versatile pair of DIY speakers that deliver a serious punch with high quality sound yet at a low price of the components used.

The CKT-TF1020 system is a compact 2-way speaker design suitable for stand or floor mounting. This system comprises the TF1020 10”(250mm) bass/midrange driver and CDX1-1445 compression driver fitted with the H1-7050 ‘NoBell’ horn. It is a versatile and highly portable system that offers good performance when used either stand-alone or with a sub-woofer. The 70×50 horn ensures good dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical planes, making it equally useful when mounted upright or on its side.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Front panel
4:06 Back and side panels
4:53 T-nuts
5:29 Top and bottom panels
7:40 Gluing
9:25 Sanding
10:07 Edge trimming
11:43 Speaker components
12:52 Mounting flange
14:47 Feet location
15:02 Applying paint
17:40 Crossover build
20:22 Rubber feet
20:45 Crossover install
20:58 Flange install
21:25 Handles
21:46 Speaker terminals
22:55 Ports
23:46 Sound damping
24:02 Speaker install
25:57 Sound test
28:28 Outro
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