DIY Home Theater Build Series | Episode 1 - THE PLAN

Having a dedicated home theater room has been a lifelong dream of mine for a while (I guess that's why they call a lifelong dream, right?). When my wife and I purchased our home earlier in 2022, it was decided early on by both her and I to turn one of the spare bedrooms into a dedicated home theater room. This video is really the start of that journey: a plan needs to be set into to place to start. I'll go over my initial plans for the room including painting, what I'll be doing about the vaulted ceiling and my plans for wire management. All of this while trying to stay on a pretty low budget (thanks new HVAC system!).

There are things in this video and plans that I had that never really worked out. But I really wanted to keep this in here to show how things can change, how things can go wrong and how I ended up finding solutions for (most) of those things. The videos in this series will go over the process it took me to convert this room pretty much by myself with very little construction experience (my wife helped where she could).

I sincerely hope you'll follow me along on this journey and stick around for the other videos. Who knows? Perhaps they'll give you some ideas for your current or future home theater. Be sure to like, subscribe and ring the bell icon so you'll get notified when I upload new content. Thanks for watching!

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My Home Theater
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Introduction message - 00:00
Room size, carpet and painting plans - 02:23
Entrance door and closet door plans - 03:11
Ceiling plans - 03:35
Biggest room issue: main window and arch window - 04:35
In-walls speakers maybe? - 05:27
BIGGEST drop ceiling benefit - 06:11
Ethernet drops - 06:55
TV and component placement plans - 07:42
Seating - 08:38
DIY acoustic panels? - 09:46
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