DIY Keg Monitoring System Under $20 | Live Volume and Setup Alerts | Home Assistant | Load Cells!

This has been a project that has had alot of changes over the last 4-8 weeks, this is the final design! This video will go over from start to finish out to setup and configure a keg monitoring system. I tried to make this pretty much like a Plaato Keg Monitor - but much cheaper! We use Home Assistant for most of the automation.

0:00 Intro
1:07 How This Works
2:49 Home Assistant Install
6:10 Addon Install/Setup
8:10 Building the Scale
21:35 Flashing ESP8266
24:56 Tasmota Console
27:50 Complete Scale
28:32 Sensor Setup
33:15 Dashboard Setup
34:55 Notification Setup
40:33 Adding More Kegs
41:10 Details on Statistics
42:03 Outro

COMM Driver -

Part List:
Crimping Kit -
NodeMCU ESP8266 -
Soldering Iron -
Load Cells + HX711 Amp -
Acrylic Sheet -

Code Snippets:

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