Diy MX750 Watts Mono High Bass Power Amplifier Using Transistors 2SC5200 2SA1943 | PCB&ELECTRONICS


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1- Bass Treble balance volume
2- Transformer 50.0.50 AC 10A 12v 12-0-12
3- 4ohm 750w 8ohm 450w
4- peakc Load 1000w
5- dual microphone connection
6- speaker protection if any fault then amplifier is totally off
7- Bluetooth USB panel
8- aux input mode
9- audio output connection
10- hi speed cooler 1
11- total amplifier weight 13 kg

Mono amplifier using:

➤ 2SC2073 Transistors x 2
➤ 2SA940 Transistors x 2
➤ 2SC5200 Transistors x 5
➤ 2SA1943 Transistors x 5
➤ 0.33/5W resistors x 10
➤ 4.7/1W resistors x 10
➤ 10/2W resistors x 2
➤ 100/1W resistors x 6
➤ 330/1W resistors x 2
➤ 10 resistors x 1
➤ 100 resistors x 1
➤ 1K resistors x 1
➤ 5K6 resistors x 2
➤ 10K resistors x 2
➤ 47K resistors x 1
➤ 100K resistors x 1
➤ 33P capacitors x 1
➤ 220P capacitors x 4
➤ 680P capacitors x 1
➤ 0.1uF capacitors x 1
➤ 10uf/50v capacitors x 2
➤ 100uf/25v capacitors x 3
➤ 10.000uf/80v capacitors x 2 or x 4

➤ 50k Potentiometers x 1
➤ Transistors insulation pads x 10
➤ Aluminum heat sink x 1
➤ Aluminum heat sink x 1( Use aluminum heatsink as big as possible :))
➤ 45vac to 50vac x 2 / 30A transformer or larger more
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1. Transformer Connection in 2sc5200 Amplifier Board

2. speaker Connection in 2sc5200 Amplifier Board

3. Bluetooth Wiring in 2sc5200 Amplifier Board

4. volume Connection in 2sc5200 Amplifier Board

5. 2sc5200 pe konsa speaker lgaye
6. 2sc5200 pe konsa transformer lgaye
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