DIY Phase Inverter & Attenuverter

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00:00 Intro
00:26 What is Phase?
02:57 Phase Flipping Circuit
07:53 Phase Flipper Demo
09:01 Attenuverter Circuit
09:53 Attenuverter Demo
12:58 2 Channel Mixer

Today we're looking at how to improve the mixer we built last time with our invertin op amp summing mixer circuit. We had an issue where we needed to flip (invert) the phase of one of our signals, so in this video we're going to look at how the inverting op-amp can give us a binary phase inversion, and how the same circuit can be built to give us a nice attenuverter, which is a cirucit that can attenuate and invert at the same time!

Phase Inverter Simulation:
Attenuverter Simulation:

Phase Inverter & Attenuverter Schematic:

Mixer With Phase Invert:
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