DIY Speaker Set & Amplifier; a Gift for Dad #10: Le Grand Final

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This is the 10th video about a DIY Speaker Set & Amplifier that I decided to gift to my dad. This is the last one for this series of videos! Enjoyment is all that I can talk about!

My personal goal is to show you that you can also do things like this, and that any single project involves a learning curve, (loads) of time, challenges, mistakes and patience. The key here is to enjoy what you are doing!

I hope I can boost your confidence and encourage you to start or continue your personal projects/development!

This video series is mainly in Spanish as it is meant to be for my Dad. I managed to add captions in English for some of them, but there is another alternative if you want to read captions in another language. First, enable 'Subtitles/Closed Captions (c)', then go to 'Settings' -- 'Subtitles/CC' and select 'Auto-translate'. Choose the desired language and enjoy! I realised that this saves me a lot of work and you get a general idea of what I am showing here, since the translation is not 100% accurate.

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