Do you want Vintage Marshall Tone? Buy these NEW speakers - 4 Flavors!

In this video I compare 4 British voiced speakers from Mojotone. I'm completely blown away by all of them. Especially the 60 and 70W that has the same spatial richness as the lower powered versions which is a world first for me. Don't miss this one!!

2022 Mojotone British Vintage BV25
2022 Mojotone British Vintage BV30H
2022 Mojotone British Vintage BV30V 60W
2022 Mojotone Greyhound 70
2019 Marshall Studio Vintage SV20H (section 1-3)
1973 Marshall JMP 50W lead model 1987
2008 Gibson Les Paul R9
2008 AKG C414BXLII room mic
SM57 and MD421U5 close mics (section 1-3)
MD421U5, EV RE10 and Unidyne IV 548 close mics (section 4)
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