Does Beta L1210 Fix The Hisense U8G/U88G? | Hisense 4K 120Hz Beta Discussion

Are you experiencing blurry text or soft textured on your Hisense U8G/U88G/U7G/U78G? Beta software L1210 aims to correct the widely discussed vertical resolution issue... But does it?

Hisense U8G/U88G: https://geni.us/HQA1QK

A lot of you have been asking in the comments how my experience was with the Hisense Beta software L1210 was. The results were a mixed bag of positive and negative experiences, all of which I planned on expressing in video form. That is until I realized all of my testing footage was widely in and out of focus with massive exposure blowouts. So here it is in the form of a talking-head style discussion.

TL;DR, yes... It fixes the vertical resolution issue and appears to reinstate the full 4K/120Hz onto the U8G/U88G; however, at a cost (Which we'll get into). Now truthfully, I didn't honestly notice a huge quality drop on my panel with the publicly released software currently on everyone's panel. I game on both an Xbox Series X and a PlayStation 5, so I'm not pixel peeping as much as a PC user would. That is until I applied and tested Beta L1210, then rolled back to the current software build. L1210 appeared much sharper, especially in the lobby of Call of Duty Vanguard where the player avatar is standing still. After using the update for an entire day, I noticed the drop in quality immediately after scaling back to the public build. So, why did I even scale back in the first place?

Well, not everything is positive when it comes to Beta L1210, and although it does fix the resolution issue, it also breaks a lot more in the process.

Beta L1210 effectively killed my VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and HDMI CEC, rending it all either inoperable or causing massive issues in the process. After spending the day testing power cycles, settings, toggling things on and off in consoles and on the TV, I could not re-establish functionality to any of the before mentioned features. So, why is this a big deal?

For me personally and maybe others out there watching this content, these features are some of the main reasons to get this panel. VRR and ALLM are vital aspects of next-generation gaming, and something users rely heavily upon, especially for those light me that use their panels for a mix of gaming and content viewing. CEC can be lived without if that was the only issue; however, it was just the last nail in the coffin of my scaling back to the public release.

I have reported all of my findings back to Hisense Canada's R&D team, and hope for another build in the future that I can test.

How do you feel about this information? Would you scale back as I did, or live with the better quality and accept the loss of functionalities? I'd love to hear from you.

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