Doge Charger's Eurobeat Mix to Avoid getting Run Over AGAIN

That red Civic behind you looks familiar... you better hope he doesn't bump you in the next few corners!

Yes, this video was originally uploaded in 2018 - But, I was forced to remove it in face of the pending Avexpocalypse. This version has been "overhauled" with higher bitrate audio, higher resolution images and video, as well as a smoother audio spectrum visualizer!

Enjoy, stay safe, and get a lot of candy while avoiding duct tape deathmatches!

Scream Team - Horror Fantasy

Triumph - She Devil

Bugaboo - Beast Girl

Black Vampire - Dolly Pop

Jungle Bill - Call Me Frankenstein

Scream Team - Ice Cream (U Scream)

Gipsy and Queen - Halloween Night (Extended Mix)

Daniel and Cherry - Bach is Back (Extended Mix)

Super Eurobeat Scream Team - Kooky Spooky

Domino and Scream Team - Boom Boom Scream

Super Eurobeat Groove Twins - Dance Dance Monsteru

Atrium - Doctor Jekyll (1986)

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