Double Feature Drive-in: Cosmic Monsters & The Giant Claw

The Double Feature Drive-In brings the experience of the drive-in straight to you. With retro trailers, and intermission ads together with 2 feature classics and cartoon short. #classicfilm #driveinmovie

Speaker Instructions: The Speakers are hooked to the poles , Please drive up closely so your front door is even with the speaker. Roll down your window. Unhook the Speaker from the Pole and hook it on your car window or door. **Please report any broken speaker to the Refreshment Stand.**

Rohmarts Concession Stand Menu: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f8/5c/7b/f85c7bd7b3e479e8cbf0b41823d37d5c.jpg

Now Playing: 2 classic Sci-Fi films, "Cosmic Monsters" and "The Giant Claw"

Cosmic Monsters - AKA: The Strange World of Planet X (1958) RATED APPROVED - Directed by Gilbert Gunn, with Forrest Tucker, Gaby André, Martin Benson
A friendly visitor from outer space warns against conducting experiments with the Earth's magnetic field, that could mutate insects into giant monsters.

The Giant Claw (1957) RATED APPROVED - Directed by Fred F. Sears, with Jeff Morrow, Mara Corday, Morris Ankrum
Global panic ensues when it is revealed that a mysterious UFO is actually a giant bird that flies at supersonic speed and has no regard for life or architecture.

Drive-In Intro
Cosmic Monsters trailer
The Giant Claw trailer
Cosmic Monsters
The Giant Claw
Good Night and Drive Safely

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