Doug Rappoport & 3rd Power's MagFRAG Pickups "The Riot Studio" Humbucker! ROCK!!!

The Riot Studio Humbucker is an unpotted, medium - Output pickup. This humbucker is FANTASTIC!!! Clarity... definition...sustain with amazing singing highs, tight bottom... organic woodknock for days!

The unique and innovative design is brought to us by Dylana Scott, founder of 3rd Power Amplification.

For the complete story on this amazing sounding pickup, please visit:


Guitar used Les Paul R7

Rhythm tracks recorded with Marshall JCM 800 And JCM 2000 DSL 100 with LPD pedals (Sixty8)

Lead Guitars recorded with BRBS Deluxe 100 with TUBE Screamer

Friedman G12 25 Watt Greenbacks
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