Down4Sound MM1004 amplifier install with speaker wire runs

Installing start to finish of the Down4Sound Mm1004 in my 2019 Hyundai Accent Se.

I show you how I ran everything in my preferred application. Finding clip point of head unit and setting gains. If you just want some knowledge on what needs to be done to install a 4 channel amp in any car really this video should help. If you have the same car, then you are in luck. Especially if you plan on running new speaker wire.

This little amp really rocks. Now I can't wait to do the subwoofer to get that deep bass. It does pretty damn good on its own though. You just don't get that chest bass.

I hope you find this video useful, and it helps you with any future installs you may have. If you did get anything helpful or useful, be sure to drop a like. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for watching and your support.
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