Dr Equinox at The Soweto Grafitti Braai

"An artists job is to reflect the times." - Nina Simone. A true emcee takes it upon himself to ceize all opportunities to speak to the planet. Interrogation of the problem is a huge part of the healing process and it needs to be engaged all the time. Expression exposes some parts of our inner being that are not easily accessible to the rest of the world, and we all have too many things going of ourselves that need to come out. So, with the use of poetry, blended into the Hip Hop/Jazz standards I bring out what takes place in my mind. I feel like we have to push the boundary in fighting for ourselves, in the best ways we know. These gifts are not for nothing. We have to get ourselves to the point of living freely outside of the shackles of these crooked systems. We can't ignore this. There are more generatons after us and we can't just go down and be written as cowards. Viva Ma Afrika! Zikhumbuleni! We Are Kings And Queens of an extraordinarily advanced civilization! Intention is key! Lets intend to know ourselve and better. Lets intend to love the next person, regardless of appearance. Black on Black Love to all of you because #BlackLiveMatter is far beyond an understatement.
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