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The Jekill and Hyde Company gives motorcyclists the ultimate riding experience with The Exhaust: an electronically adjustable exhaust system which makes it possible to choose between different sound modes on the fly. An exhaust second to none in regards to sound, esthetics and power.

Our exhaust systems embody three distinct personalities: the Dr. Jekill mode, the Dynamic mode and the Mr. Hyde mode. By a simple push of a button a valve inside the muffler closes, opens, or opens halfway, giving your exhaust more power and sound. Our software is programmed to intervene subtly and almost imperceptibly when the parameters set by the legislation are reached. This ensures that you are street legal in all riding modes.
Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust is a completely legal exhaust system that complies with European laws and is ECE, EG-BE and TÜV approved. We care deeply about the environment, so all of our exhaust systems are built to achieve air quality standards.

More info at https://jekillandhyde.com or configure yours at https://configurator.jekillandhyde.com - Available for Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Indian Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad.

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