Dr Joe Dispenza New | How To Sense Space In Joe Dispenza Meditation

How To Sense Space & Connect To The Quantum Field In Joe Dispenza Meditation

In this dr joe dispenza new video, we at manifest media explain how to sense space in joe dispenza 2022 meditation even if it's your first time doing joe dispenza joe dispenza. It's simple to sense space in dr joe dispenza meditation stop trying so hard!
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0:00 - 0:35 Intro
0:35 - 5:25 What Is The Quantum Field
5:16 - 8:27 Bend Your Reality In The Quantum Field
8:27 - 9:37 Important Points To Know
9:37 - 13:29 How To Sense Space?
13:29 - 20:53 Do This When You're Trying To Sense Space
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