Drumfire Blackstar edition wireless Bluetooth speaker by Audio Pro

Immerse yourself in live sound experience and bring the stage to your home.

Bring the dynamics & definition of live music to your home. We have teamed up with Swedish sound experts Audio Pro to bring you the Drumfire Blackstar edition wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Learn more: blackstarsound.com

Audio Pro's critically-acclaimed Drumfire is renowned for it's powerful and room-filling sound, with a capacity that far exceeds the footprint of the speaker. The new Blackstar Edition's aesthetics capture the spirit of live music with a custom voicing refined for stunning playback of all genres of guitar music.

With 300W of amplifiers, 5 drivers and a separate subwoofer, Blackstar Edition Drumfire will get your party started. Just press play in the free app – works with Alexa.

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