DryBell Sonic Experience - Featuring Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charge V2 & Unit67

The idea behind the "DryBell Sonic Experience" is to feature some of our favorite stompboxes from a vast sea of incredible effects working in synergy with DryBell effects. Hopefully there will be something for everyone so stay tuned to our channel! :)

In this demo we're featuring DryBell Unit67 working in synergy with Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charge V2.

Music by Kruno Domacinovic
Guitars & Bass played by Kruno Domacinovic
Produced by Kruno Domacinovic

Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charge V2 - https://crazytubecircuits.com/space-charge-v2
DryBell Unit67 - http://drybell.com/unit67-u-1/
Ibanez Analog delay - https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/admini_01.html
Strymon Iridium - https://www.strymon.net/product/iridium/

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