DS18 AMP KIT Silver - (Unboxing) CCA Installation Kit for Car Audio Amplifiers Silver 8G 4G 0G

Continuing in our efforts to give users complete creative control in the construction of their ingenious sound systems, the team at DS18 launches the AMPKIT /SLV.
There’s a tool for every job and setting up your amplifier is no different. The DS18 AMPKIT supplies users with everything necessary to make installation quick and easy. Our kits are made with true gauge wire, heavy duty hardware, fusing and signal cables for long lasting installations, and comes in a smooth silver color for the builds with a more chromatic aesthetic.
We put together everything you need in one convenient package so you can spend less time finding the right tools and more time enjoying your audio system!

Buy here you Amp Kit
0G https://ds18.com/products/ds18-ampkit0-slv-0-ga-cca-installation-kit-for-car-audio-amplifiers-silver
4G https://ds18.com/products/ds18-ampkit4-slv-4ga-cca-installation-kit-for-car-audio-amplifiers-silver
8G https://ds18.com/products/ds18-ampkit8slv-8ga-cca-installation-kit-for-car-audio-amplifiers
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