DS18 PRO CF Series 6" - 6x9" - 8" (Unboxing / Testing) Car Audio Speakers

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Neodymium is known for being the best option for magnets in your speaker motors which give the loudest and most efficient speaker.

DS18 has an amazing line of loudspeakers that are not only water proof, they are centered around a Neodymium magnet, with super strong rubber surround, and high tech carbon fiber cones that gives not only great looks, but very high sensitivity levels for an amazing water resistant speaker that you can play loud and clear out in the elements.

This super loudspeaker can be used for many applications, not only for motorcycles! It can be used in cars, home, and marine applications alike!


Awesome power handling and efficiency with the Neodymium motor structure that the pros use.
Useable in a wide array of applications that need high powered water resistant speakers.
Amazing looks with the carbon fiber cone that comes held by a super strong rubber surround that will last all your tests!
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