Dual Rec Amp Pack | HoTone Ampero/Ampero One

The Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier is a legendary rock icon and amazingly versatile! Plug into a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3-channel tube amplifier head and you're in for the kind of massive tone you've only dreamed of. Look in the dictionary under Hi-Gain and you'll see the words "Mesa Boogie Dual Rec"! The Boogie Dual Rectifier head defined an entire era of Hi Gain sounds and is still seen on more rock/metal stages than any other guitar amp in the world.
This amp does everything from rich and creamy cleans, through "hot" punk distortions all the way up to scooped distortion with gain and the bottom end to make any headbanger's ears bleed! Mesa / Boogie have redesigned the dual rectifier and it's better than ever! The new Dual Rec features Mesa's Patented Multi-Watt technology for safe and easy "tube pulling" directly from the front panel.
There are RAW and FILTERED versions of the IRs. If you don't want to mess with Low/High cut settings just use the filtered versions.

Includes 4 Impulse Responses based on the cabinets as listed below:


DUAL REC M DIST (Modern): CTRL switches to Lead tone. IR based on Mesa Boogie Dual Caliber 1x12 Combo.
DUAL REC V DIST (Vintage): CTRL switches to Ultra Hi-Gain. IR based on Mesa Boogie Recto 4x12 Traditional.
DUAL REC M CRUNCH (Modern): CTRL turns on Underdrive. IR based on Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal.
DUAL REC V CRUNCH (Vintage): CTRL adds more Gain. IR based on Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb 1x12 Combo

0:00 Intro
0:13 DUAL REC M DIST (Modern)
1:12 DUAL REC M CRUNCH (Modern)
1:56 DUAL REC V CRUNCH (Vintage)
2:48 DUAL REC V DIST (Vintage)

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Performed by Angel Dan Agg
Produced by Angel Dan Agg

Guitars used:
Fender Pawn Shop 72
Fender VG Stratocaster
Custom Tele
PRS SE Soapbar
Epiphone Goth SG
Harley Benton TE-90FLT VW


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