Dune Soundtrack The One Hans Zimmer Cover all analog synthesizers, Moog, ARP-2600, Soma Lyra-8, DFAM

This is a synthwave cover of the soundtrack for The One by Hans Zimmer from the movie Dune. I wanted to see if it was possible to get somewhat close to the spirit of the music using only analog electronic synthesizers with guitar. I am using some Eurorack modular with a Buchla Easel Command and Soma Labs Lyra-8 to create the drone, while the Moog Grandmother is covering the low brass parts, and the ARP-2600 is covering the string (cello and bass) parts. I'm using the Moog DFAM to cover the low drum hits. Finally, I'm using the Sequential Circuits OB-6 to do the end high strings.

I hope you enjoy! This was a fun exercise in sound design and trying to get the spirit of the orchestra into an analog synth orchestra idea.

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Patch Notes:

Eurorack modular:
Instruo CS-L: using final outputs of both oscillators to a Make Noise Optomix to filter some of the high frequencies. The symmetry of both oscillators is being randomized by fluctuating voltage from a Frap Tools Sapèl.
Random Source Serge New Timbral Oscillator saw output to Serge Variable Frequency VCF. Low pass output to mixer. Filter frequency is being modulated by a Zlob modular Diode Chaos, while Q gain is being modulated by a Make Noise Wogglebug stepped output.
Make Noise Morphagene has a guitar loop playing D, and I'm using the knobs to make things change. Audio to an After Later Audio Monsoon (Clouds clone).
Make Noise Erbeverb in feedback mode to mixer.
All Eurorack audio to an Eventide H9 pedal doing reverb.

Soma Labs Lya-8 is in full drone mode with Hold turned all the way up. Most oscillators tuned close to a D with some variation. Audio is going to a Make Noise X-Pan modulated by an Intellijel Quadrax.

Buchla 208c Easel Command is providing more pulse-like ambience with random voltage changing the timbre very quickly. Audio to Make Noise X-Pan.

Moog Grandmother normalled patch with very slow attack and decay that is also assigned to the filter.

Moog DFAM using a very long decay with the two oscillators tuned a half step apart. Oscillator 2 has very low volume, so it's mostly contributing the attack sound.

ARP-2600 normalled patch with moderate ADSR modulation of the filter.

Sequential Circuits OB-6 using a polysaw sound being controlled by the Novation Bassstation II.
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