DYl back loaded horn with FE126nv drivers and homemade 829b SE tube amplifier first test

More tests of my new homemade system based on bl horn with fe126nv drivers and a se tube amp. This time also included compression drivers bms 4524 and a tractric horns. Overall happy with the build, first project on the speakers and second project on se tube amp and it seems to be successful.

Anyway, this is the second test of homemade 829b (russian ry29) SE amplifier. Drivers - 6H1M. Kenotron is used as rectifier. Output transformers - hammond 1630sea 5k. Supply - hammond 369bx 300V 76ma. Lots of transformers hidden inside -
separate 5v transformer for kenotron filament, choke, 12.6V transformer for 829b filament, small 30v 100ma transformer for negative voltage feeder. Custom made case was made in my workshop. Overall very powerful and very silent while idling
which was not expected for the first run.
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