EART Takes Aim At Traditional Guitars (Stainless Steel Frets AND MORE For $400)

With a beautiful, all-mahogany construction, a thin D-shape neck, stainless steel frets with rounded fret ends, and an open grain finish... this $400 semi-hollow body guitar from Eart competes VERY favorably to some of the traditional Gibson and Epiphone designs! Let's review it and see how it plays and sounds.

Link for guitar here (including left handed model): https://amzn.to/3B3OFWY

Amp used in demo (Fender GTX100): https://amzn.to/2PaHk4c

Checkout the other models of Eart on their website: https://www.eartguitar.com

New picking techniques instructional program: https://maxcarlisle.sellfy.store/p/ultimate-picking-techniques-new-full-program/

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