Easy 2 transistor electronic Red/Green LED flash. It works 5/6 months on 2x1.5 V alkaline batteries

Please read the description/textbox first. The 2 transistor LED Flasher that I published approx. 2 month ago is revisited in this video, telling more about that simple circuit and how you can adapt the flash ratio.

It is a beginners circuit but also usable for adults (electronics-adults) in many ways.

So I pay attention (for the beginners) on looking at a transistor board in a “flipped” (mirrored) way. That can give so much confusion, especially for electronics hobbyists.

Regarding the circuit in an “overview” (the not beginners way): when you look at it as an oscillator circuit with which you can change the output frequency (changing the value of R = now 1 MOhm and the value of C= now say 1 uF) you can get to other usable oscillation frequencies.

Say: usable for other electronic purposes. Say: amplifying that frequency to drive a transistor or a MOSFET.

Of course it is a good idea to use the oscilloscope and study the waveforms, how they can be changed, how you can use a certain frequency (made with different R-C values) for your (or a specific) application.

In this way the circuit is not a beginners circuit.

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I keep all my YT videos constant actual, so the original video’s with the most recent information are always on YouTube. Search there, and avoid my circuits that are republished, re-arranged, re-edited on other websites, giving not probable re-wiring, etc. Some persons try to find gold via my circuits. I take distance from all these fake claims. I cannot help that these things happen. Upload 11 July 2022.
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