Echo effects on the EP Model One Guitar

Mark Leggett’s sensitive perforamnc featuring the onboard echo effects of this MODEL ONE.

EP Self-Amped Guitar Features:
Carolina Poplar body
Rock Maple 22 Fret Neck 24.75 scale
100% analog front end pre-amp
Artisan craftsmanship on all bodies and necks
Discrete Analog Delay
Discrete Analog Chorus
Amp modeling & EQ
18 watt stereo amp with Twin Full-range speakers
Smartphone connectivity
Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and charger
Magnetic Quick-change battery cover
Humbucker pickups
Privacy Headphone jack
D.I. recording output with full effects
Standard output jack for amp or P.A.
Input/output for phone/computer/ipad
Weighs 8.7 lbs.
Fret board options include Maple, Ebony, and Rosewood.
Made in USA
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