Eco-friendly farm house using | INTERLOCK BRICKS | With Country style roof and Smart home Automation

Eco-friendly farm house using Mud interlock bricks. This is our one of the premium project located in outskirt of Chennai. In this project we've used Mud interlock bricks finish and texture and cement column to minimize the use of the paints.
1. Open courtyard
2. Country style roofing
3. Smart home Automation
4. Smart security system
5. Open to sky Bath area
6. Home theater
7. Solar Panel
8. Water body in Courtyard
9. Swimming pool
10. Large windows

Contact details:
Prasad Selvakumar
+91 7010463084
[email protected]
Jagadish s
+91 7010318469
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Low budget house :
750 sqft Finished House :
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