Electric State performing "We're Just Blood" live recorded at Amplifier Bar Perth

I'm so FUCKIN stoked, that I'd found this footage....

I thought I'd lost or deleted it ages ago...only to find this AND MORE on a random thumb drive....

Electric State would of been one of the first local Perth Rock bands I saw live...got like 4 of their t shirts now! hahaha....and they really got me thinking that...we got some SHIT HOT talent in WA...that I've never heard on our "local" commercial radio stations...I wonder why?
And they would of been the catalyst to wanting to post up the local bands songs to me Fakebook. And hopefully get more people hearing their music, supporting their art...and showcasing the quality we have in our own backyard!!

And this was well before even thinking of getting me head around ANOTHER socialist media app like...me YouTube channel...

Going through all my footage, not so long ago. I realised I haven't recorded many full @Electric State songs....cause I'm too busy thinking...What's Rob going do next and enjoying their show...

The first song out of 2 consecutively recorded songs(that I'll post), is their WAM award winning hit "We're Just Blood" (one gong out of 2 they EARNED that year).....Rob mentions (in the video), he doesn't know why the Nom before they perform it...but it's obvious...these boys are fuckin good!

Next song is why I was kicking myself and stoked i found it....Rob grabs my phone mid song, sings and records the audience at Amps from the stage...I think that makes some fuckin cool and awesome footage and goes to show why ya should check em out live!! And why I'm watching and thinking... What's Rob going do, climb up, or pour free beers from next!?! hahaha...

Got alot of love for these boys and the work they put into every aspect of their show....and they are bloody good to swill a few rums with and party with, before, during and after their set....

part 2 will come very soon


Cause if ya seen em live, you know what I mean!
Check out all their socials, like, subscribe, support....and their is probably one or 2 KFCs, Mecca's or public dunnys somewhere, they haven't put their sticker in yet! So grab a few stickers and stick em in random spots! bahaha
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