Electro-Magnetic Pulse Motor - Part 25

This update is comprised of 4 short videos stitched together, sorry about that, some days that's just how it goes.

The first part of this video is a general overview of the current build and how we collect back electro motor force (BEMF) from the coils after rapidly turning them on and off. Later I talk about switching to either a function generator or hall effect sensors. Because I'm planning to change some of the physical characteristics of the flywheel setup, splitting the coils into pairs, tripling the number of transistors, and reducing the number of magnets down to just 4, I think hall effect sensors are the only option possible as a replacement for a trigger coil.

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15C2I0zGt_w&list=PL-GecV-b7Tv3y0rueaiO6WhRTPjrRPHc2

UPDATE: At 25:56 where the power cuts out on the motor, turns out it was just one of the connectors from the trigger coil popping out of the breadboard due to vibration. Didn't realize it until I had a chance to review the video while editing. Play it back and you can see it happen.
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