Electro-Voice Everse 8 - EV's First Battery Powered Portable PA Speaker, With Amazing Specs!

The new Electro-Voice Everse 8 is the first battery-powered loudspeaker from Electro-Voice and the first weatherised model of its type, EVERSE 8 takes advantage of decades of Electro-Voice engineering expertise – along with the latest advancements in technology – to provide a truly portable and truly wireless audio experience at a price and performance level unmatched by current comparable products on the market!

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Whether used for live music, vocal reinforcement and/or audio playback, musicians, DJs, production/rental companies, fitness/activity instructors and other professional, amateur and recreational users can all benefit from EVERSE 8’s superior sound quality, user-friendliness and all-in-one PA system design – a concept that opens-up real pro-audio performance for a wider range of users than ever before. EVERSE 8 comes in a black or white finish, adding an aesthetic angle to its versatility.

Designed to handle the demands of the modern performer looking for optimised ruggedness and portability without compromising the audio quality, the Electro-Voice Everse 8, seen here in black, is a weatherized battery-powered loudspeaker that's the perfect choice for everyone from street performers to yoga instructors.

Intricately designed to handle any scenario thrown its way with IP43-rated water resistance, up to 12 hours of battery life and impressive audio clarity, the Electro-Voice Everse 8 PA Speaker has been built with performer efficiency in mind.

Key Features:

Pro-Audio Performance: Ensuring crystal clear audio quality that's come to be a staple of Electro-Voice's premium designs, the Everse 8 comes with an exceptional 8" woofer that utilises EV's patented SST (Signal Synchronised Transducers) port design along with a high-output titanium tweeter that's mounted onto a custom constant-directivity waveguide. The end result is a functionality that's bound to never let you down even when consistently used.

Practical Battery-Powered Functionality: Powered by a custom-designed high-capacity Li-ion battery pack, the Everse 8 is enhanced for audio use and delivers up to 12 hours of run time.

Weatherized Design: To handle the needs of performers who play outdoors, the ElectroVoice Everse 8 comes with an included weatherized input cover, meeting the IP43 water rating. So whether users are using it for everything from busking to general music listening in the back garden, the Everse8 goes above and beyond.

Dynacord Powered: Powered by a highly-efficient Class-D amplifier and a DSP module that's been crafted in collaboration with EV's pro-audio brand Dynacord, the Everse 8 features an onboard four-channel digital mixer with pro-grade effects and processing.

Electro-Voice Everse 8 Battery Powered Portable PA Speaker Specifications:

- Application: Kick-back/ Monitor/ Pole-Mounted

- Transducers: 8" Woofer, ferrite magnet / 1" titanium dome, neodymium magnet, ferrofluid cooled

- Power Rating (peak): 400W

- SPL max: 121 dB

- Coverage (H x V): 100 x 100

- Frequency Range (-10dB)/ response (-3 dB): 50 Hz-20 kHz/ 60 Hz

- Material: Enclosure: Polypropylene/ Grille: Steele with black powder coat

- Digital Signal Processing: QuickSmartDSP features best-in-class processing. Easy setup via seven-band GEQ for main EQ, user-programmable presets, visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters, digital effect control, and master volume control to optimise gain structure, all via LCD or QuickSmart Mobile app.

- Remote Control and Monitoring: EV QuickSmart Mobile application: quickly and wirelessly configure, control and monitor up to two EVERSE 8 systems simultaneously, and receive immediate notification during critical performance conditions.

- Bluetooth Audio Streaming: Yes

- Crossover frequency: 2250 Hz

- Connectors: 2x XLR/TRS Combo Jack, 1x 3.5mm stereo, 1x Charge Port, 1x XLR Output, - 1x TRS footswitch, 1x 12 V DC power output.

- USB Charging: 1.5 A Max, device-dependent

- Battery at max Output: 6+ hours of run time

- Battery at moderate output: 12+ hours of run time

- Weight: 16.6 lbs (7.6 kg)

- Dimensions: 15.75" x 10.83" x 10.71" (400 mm x 275w mm 272 mm)


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