Elements of Embedded Hardware Design - Mr. Mahesh Gunnam (Intel)

This talk is part of the 'Careers in embedded design : an insider peek' talk series organized by the IEEE-IISc Communications Society.

Talk Abstract: Embedded systems are everywhere. Today's world runs on digital. Everything digital runs on electronics and semiconductor. Hardware is the foundation on which everything else exists. In this brief talk, Mahesh will walk through the embedded hardware design process, covering some of the key elements of hardware design. He will also guide students aspiring to work in embedded hardware on what to focus for a successful career ahead.

About the Speaker: Mahesh is a Platform Hardware Design Engineer at Intel with 8+ years of total experience in hardware design. His expertise is mainly in systems hardware design, high speed board design, validation test setups, spanning most variety of applications and interfaces. He reads a lot and loves solving problems.

Link to full playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXPoHF4G_kDVsgkJE-ARflMqdPv6X7KFN
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