Embracing Change :Using the Treasures Within You by Louise Hay

This powerful talk by Louise Hay was recorded with a live audience in Barcelona, Spain. Most of the audience had headsets for simultaneous translation into Spanish. If you want the gems of Louise's philosophy in a short period of time, this talk is it! She shares more about her life challenges starting with childhood, and the keys to her transformation, keys that you can use too! As it happened my husband (Rick Nichols) and I (Patricia Crane) were in that Barcelona audience! We had scheduled a full day follow-up workshop for the next day. Louise graciously appeared with us at the beginning of the workshop and did a beautiful meditation for the 150 people attending. At the time of the Barcelona workshop we had already been leading trainings with Louise's blessing, and we continue to share her legacy via trainers, workshop leaders, and coaches worldwide. Has your life changed dramatically with Louise's philosophy and techniques? Then consider becoming a Heal Your Life® workshop leader and coach. You can find all the details at https://healyourlifetraining.com. And if you'd like to take one of the authorized workshops, check for a workshop leader near you at https://healyourlifeworkshops.com. To purchase this audio, go to https://hayhouse.com.
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