Emotiva XPA Gen 3 vs NAD vs Parasound vs Marantz vs Crown| Amplifiers for Home theater, Music Gaming

The amps reviewed in this shootout are the Emotiva XPA Gen 3, 5 channel Amplifier with 300 watta x 2 or 250 watts x 5. The NAD C388 150 watt x 2 Integrated Amplifier. Marantz MM7055 5 channel amp at 140 watts per channel. Parasound New Classic 2125 V.2, THX Ultra 2 Amplifier. With 150 Watts x2. And the Crown XLS 1002 Amplifier Series 2 with 210 watts x 2. these amps can be used for home theater, music and video games.

Brands Direct
SVS https://fxo.co/CilZ
Bowers and Wilkins https://www.pntrac.com/t/TUJGR0xGRkJHSktMSUZCR0pJS0dN
Definitive Technology https://www.pntrac.com/t/TUJGR0tOS0JHSktMSUZCR0pFRkhH
Klipsch https://www.pntrs.com/t/TUJGR0lITUJHSktMSUZCR0VNSUpN
Polk Audio https://www.pjtra.com/t/TUJGR0tHSUJHSktMSUZCR0hLS01M
Marantz https://fxo.co/Cil6
Sennheiser https://fxo.co/CilD
Logitech https://fxo.co/CilF
Denon https://www.pntrac.com/t/TUJGR0tHSEJHSktMSUZCR0hLS01L
Monoprice https://fxo.co/Cilb
Harmon Kardon JBL https://fxo.co/Cile
GoPro https://fxo.co/Cilf
Bose https://fxo.co/Cili
Sonos https://fxo.co/CixW

Multi Brand Stores
World Wide Stereo https://fxo.co/CilK
Crutchfield https://fxo.co/Cilg
Best Buy https://fxo.co/Cilj
Ashley Furniture Homestore https://fxo.co/Cilk
Adorama https://fxo.co/Ciln
Abt Electronics https://fxo.co/Cilp
Ebay for used and new https://ebay.us/bGz5x6
GameStop https://fxo.co/CixX

Cinemark Theaters https://fxo.co/CixG
Sideshow Collectibles and Statues https://fxo.co/Cj0K

Samsung https://fxo.co/CiyP

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