Emotn C1 Multimedia projector - Unbox, Setup, Test & Review

You can buy the Emotn C1 projector from the below link.

Inside the box you have:
1- The projector
2- Remote Control
3- User Manual
4- AV Cable
5- HDMI cable
& The power cable.

The projector has a nice design.
This projector has a brightness of 8500 Lumens
It has real 720p HD image quality and it also supports up to 1080p HD quality.
It has built in HIFI Speakers and it supports Bluetooth 5.1 enabling it to be used as a Bluetooth speaker.
The lamp has 50 thousands hours of life span
This projector also supports wired and wireless screen mirroring using your android phones or iPhones

On top of the projector you have:
The focus dial
The keystone to adjust the lens when projecting at an angle
A slot to put your phone or the remote in.

You also have the controls:
So you have the power on off button
The menu button to change the settings
Input source
left and right buttons & the up and down buttons
You have the same buttons on the remote control allowing you to control your projector from distance.

On the front of the projector
You have Lens and the Infra Red receiver for the remote control

On the back of the projector you have the following ports
USB ports
Audio out
& Micro SD slot
You also have an Infra Red receiver.
The wide range of multimedia ports makes this projector compatible with several devices such as
TV sticks, Xbox, Play Station 4, mobile phones, laptops, computers, usb sticks, Hard disk drives, memory cards and more.

On the side of the projector you have
the power slot
Air Inlet
& Speakers

At the bottom of the projector you have a screw to adjust the height of the projecting angle
You also have a screw hole to mount the projector to the ceiling.

To power it on, on the projector or the remote control long press the power button.
give the projector few secs to restart
You easily navigate through the different option using the remote control.
The first 2 categories on the left are for Android cast and Apple cast
which will allow you to screen mirror your phone wirelessly or using a cable.

The Media category will allow you to project media files such as photos, music, movies and texts
from an external USB stick, hard disk drive or memory card.
To do this simply connect your USB stick or your hard disk drive to the top usb port
Then select the media you want to project. Let's say photos.
Next locate the files to display them.

Next we have the input category.
The first input is Bluetooth which will allow you to use your projector as a Bluetooth speaker.
To connect your phone to the projector using Bluetooth first press ok on the Bluetooth icon.

then on your android phone go to settings
Scroll up and tap on connected devices
Tap on "Pair New device"
C1_Speaker will appear in the list
Tap on it to start pairing
Then tap pair.
All done my phone is now connected to the projector.

You also have multiple input sources such as VGA, HDMI1, HDMI2 and AV.

Finally you have settings
Under settings you have:
pictures which will allow you to change the Picture mode, Color temperature, Aspect ratio, noise reduction middle, and display size
Sound will allow you to change the sound mode, Balance, Auto Volume and Surround Sound.
Time will allow you to set a sleep timer.
Finally you also have additional settings such as changing the language, Restore to factory settings,
Rotate the screen and Software updates.

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